Let's Go Outside is an exclusive mix comprising one and a half hours of music from Serein. Hear old favourites and exclusive new pieces on this compilation made in collaboration with Headphone Commute.

"I don’t think anyone would say Serein is a prolific label – honestly, I get a lot of complaints that we don’t release enough (sorry about that!), but the catalogue is beginning to feel more substantial. I can look back and see something unfolding now, I get a clearer sense of the history of the label and what it stands for, it has developed its own personality.

Reflecting on all of this recently, it struck me that the time was right to put together a compilation of Serein tracks – a waymarker. Furthermore, thinking back to those early days of our inception, it seemed obvious that this should be made available for free." – Huw Roberts for Headphone Commute

Video by Christopher Harrison - http://www.mrcaoh.com
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