Hello Serein followers and welcome to the updated Serein site and blog! I've been working on revisions to the site over the past few weeks and I'm really happy to see them finally go live. As well as expanding the layout for big screens, I've also refined numerous other elements which I hope will make browsing and listening easier than ever. The Serein music bar has been moved and fixed to the top of the page so you can always see it.

If you're on a page that has playable links, you can just hit play in the toolbar to start listening. You can continue to browse the site while listening, changing pages won't interrupt the music. If you're on a desktop computer I shouldn't need to draw your attention to the mysterious triangles in the site's header - have fun watching them (do they do anything else?) ;)

There's a proper Serein shop in the pipeline as well as new music and merchandise. I've been wanting to make a Serein t-shirt for a while now and there'll be one coming soon, for ladies and gents. The design will be based on the triangles motif in the header, screen printed on quality cotton t-shirts. I presently have four releases in planning too, stay tuned.

Expect more blog posts soon - I plan on putting up a series of Q&A style posts with various Serein artists as well as posts on mixed topics. This will be the only section of the site with comments enabled, so please share your thoughts.

— Huw 

Photo: Taken on a recent walk, autumn has landed!
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