Our pal Paul Gough aka Pimmon for a long time hosted two wonderful shows on Australia's ABC Radio National - they were Quiet Space and The Inside Sleeve. We always sent Paul our music and he regularly played it on his shows, most often on Quiet Space - a favourite of ours to listen to while working. Regrettably, ABC took both his shows off air, in fact as of 2017 they have axed all of their music shows.

Thankfully, Paul is back on air with a new, private podcast at Pimpod.com. As Paul's hosting these shows himself now, he's asking for a very reasonable subscription fee of $30 (Australian dollars, less than £20) for three months. There are too few shows out there like Paul's and he's undoubtedly a man of fine taste, so, check it out and subscribe, we did. Thanks for the Quiet Space Paul.

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