Answer Some Questions, Get 10% Off (Promotion has ended)

Answer a few short questions to help me get to know you better and I'll give you 10% off to use on anything in the Bandcamp shop. The code will be displayed as soon as you submit your answers (this promotion has now ended). Submissions are completely anonymous. Ready?

1. Which format(s) do you listen to music on?
2. Which is your preferred format?
3. How important is having a physical copy of a release to you?
4. Are you interested in limited edition, ‘deluxe’ versions of releases?
5. Are you interested in or do you already use a subscription service like
6. In which of the following cases would you consider supporting a crowdfunded release?
7. What Serein merchandise would be of interest to you?
8. What would you like to see on the Serein blog?
9. What are some of your favourite labels that you follow?
10. What is your preferred way to get updates on label news and releases?
11. Where do you prefer to buy digital music from?
12. Where do you prefer to buy physical releases from?
13. (Optional) What’s your favourite thing about Serein?
14. (Optional) What’s your least favourite thing about Serein? (Be honest!)
15. (Optional) Any final comments or want to tell us something we haven’t thought of asking?
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