Norwegian artist and designer, Ole Ƙdegaard, has created an original piece of artwork inspired by old river maps. These show the swell and ebb of rivers as colourful swaths across topographical illustrations. Ole created an imaginary map of the Norfolk broads (an area well known to Luke) and created his own river map over the top using bright bands of interweaving colours, not dissimilar to the tangled web created by patch cords on a modular synth.

The limited edition 10x10" print combines two print techniques. The bottom layer containing the grid and map was printed on a risograph machine. The rivers were then screen printed on top. We printed onto Munken Design Pure Smooth at 240gsm. There are only 30 of these prints available and each one will be numbered on the back. Printed at The Printhaus, Cardiff.

Includes full album download.

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